On Wednesday 31 May 2023 we took the myjobscotland website offline in order to deploy and essential upgrade to the way our systems communicate which will allow us to develop more of the features our candidates have ben asking for.

Unfortunately this took longer than anticipated as our developers encountered several database and indexing issues late into the afternoon, leading to a frustrating afternoon for you, our candidates.

We are aware candidates have experienced issues viewing saved and submitted applications as well as not able to see favourited jobs. There have also been issues with apply buttons for jobs with organisations who do not use our application system. 

If you were hoping to submit an application for a job closing on Wednesday 31 May 2023 rest assured, your saved application has not been lost. Once the site has settled down later this evening, you will see jobs have been extended by a full 24 hours, and therefore now closing at 23:59 on Thursday 01 June 2023.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you and we understand your frustration as despite all the work we had done in preparation for this update we are sorry it has not gone as smoothly as planned. Rest assured we will be carrying out an investigation once things are back to normal, so we can learn from what has happened today and do our best to avoid it in future.

Our developers are still working hard this evening to resolve the last of the issues however if you spot something that you think we may have missed, then please let us know in the usual way.