Did you see a viral TikTok that said you and your family could get a free visa + £8000 to relocate to Scotland?

I am sorry but this is not correct, myjobscotland CANNOT sponsor your visa.

Please DO NOT send us your personal documentation. As far as we are aware, there are NO recruiters on our website who will sponsor: Drivers, healthcare workers, cleaners, hospitality staff etc.

Please do not ask about sponsorship for these jobs.

If you do not have the right to work in the UK, do not apply for jobs on myjobscotland*

Read below for more information about Visa's in Scotland:

We are aware there are a number of videos and social media posts circulating on the internet advising the Scotland is offering "free Visa sponsorship where you can bring your family and acquire free housing along with £8000". This is misleading and does not clarify the strict eligibility criteria which must be met in order to sponsor a visa.

Visa's are not free - please see the Home Office website to understand how much a Visa may cost you if you have found an employer who is willing to sponsor you - Home Office: Skilled Worker Visa - How much it costs

The information circulating often links to a publication on the Scottish Government website as "proof". This is a letter from Scottish Ministers addressed to the UK Government asking for change. It is not the current entry conditions.

Immigration to Scotland is governed by the UK Government Home Office. It is not a power which has been devolved to Scottish Government.

Full information regarding the Worker Visa's can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration/work-visas


A small number of organisations hold licences to sponsor visa's however these are mostly limited to skilled jobs which cannot be recruited to through the local labour market.

Applying for a job?
First, find a job advert on our website. If you are eligible to apply, click the "Apply" button to then complete and submit an application.

myjobscotland are not a recruitment agency or employer and cannot issue sponsorship. Please do not email your CV to us, applications must be made by the method stated within the advert.

*in a very small number of exceptional circumstances, a recruiter may have the ability to sponsor a highly skilled position however this would be stated in the advert.