Create a Saved Search/Job Alert directly on the Saved Search page

Log into your account and navigate to the Saved Search page.

Click on the "Create a Search or Alert" button. 


Things to note:

  • Give your Search a name and make it meaningful and recognisable. This will be included in the title of any alert email that is sent to you.
  • Select how regularly you would like to receive job alerts. If you select "Never" then you will not be emailed any job alerts but you can run the search whenever you visit myjobscotland. The search will simply act as a Saved Search.
  • Check the criteria of your search. With every criteria you add, fewer jobs will be returned in your list of results. If you run your saved search and there are no results then it is unlikely that you will receive any jobs in your job alerts.
  • Tip create multiple job alerts for different categories rather than one very specific search so that you do not miss a particular opportunity.