Job adverts remain on the system for 6 months after being unpublished.

If you have submitted an application for a job and would like to access the advert for this position, including job description and any attachments, you can access it within this 6 month time period by using the following instructions.

Log into your myjobscotland account. By default you will be taken to your 'My Applications' page which displays your 'Submitted Applications' and 'Incomplete / Expired Applications'.


Your applications will be listed at the bottom of this page


Click on the job title and this should take you to the original job advert.

Alternatively, you can contact the recruiting organisation for the relevant details, or you can Google the position using the job reference number e.g. ERN00544

Google keeps a cache of most of the pages that it indexes (for approximately 5-6 months) so you should be able to find the myjobscotland advert and see any attached documentation e.g. job description/spec.

We advise taking a copy of the job description/advert and any attachments at the point of application so you have easy access to it.